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Reliable backups

An online business platform is only as strong and reliable as it can withstand web threats by preserving the ability to easily recover to a previous state.

Online security

Many platforms are affected by online threats, so a powerful backup system represents an important pillar of security.


Any business that wants to provide a reliable service needs to offer a high level of availability while facing various vulnerabilities.

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Build Quality

Good Ol' Reliable Back's

Next time you run into trouble and need to revert to a previous state, backups will let you roll back to a previous version with ease!

Backup Your Data

Keep your business operation safe from unexpected events by securing precious data and sensitive information with a strong backup system.

Your Hardware May Fail

Your hardware system may fail from time to time leaving your business operation exposed as you can lose important data alongside valuable customers.

Get Back Precious Data

In case of an unexpected circumstance, head back to your backups to recover the information and restore the correct functionality.

Key Features

From multiple data centers located all over the world to a user-friendly configuration panel, our backup system provides a high level of security.

Worldwide Locations

Shapehost offers cloud hosting services via multiple data centers located all over the world.

Flexible Control Panel

Our flexible Control Panel allows you to access and configure your backup settings in just a few steps.

Secure Cloud Computing

We provide a safe cloud hosting ecosystem for companies that require advanced security protocols.

No Long Term Commitment

You don’t have to worry about long-term contracts as we provide several options to meet your budget.

Lots of OS available

We deliver a flexible cloud hosting service for various operating systems, such as Linux and Windows.

Data Compliance

We follow data compliance regulations and standards to ensure sensitive information is protected.

Knowledge Base

Get your inquiries solved through our support resources.


A high-level overview of the backup feature, including its key benefits and features.


  • Automatic data protection
  • Offsite storage
  • Data restoration
  • File versioning
  • Incremental backups
  • Encrypted transfers
  • Secure storage
  • Easy restore

Backup Planning

Guidance on choosing the right cloud-based backup strategy for your needs, including the pros and cons of different approaches.

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Backup Security

More about the importance of securing backups to protect against data loss and unauthorized access, and tips and best practices for doing so.

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Backup Tools

Covering the different software solutions available for creating and managing backups, including both commercial and open-source options.

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Backup Troubleshooting

Solutions to common backup-related problems and errors, such as failed backups, incomplete restores, and data corruption.

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Bring Your Business Into The Cloud

Advanced Cloud Infrastructure For Business Needs.

  • Top Performance
  • Intuitive Control Panel
  • Global Infrastructure
  • Reliable Backups