Deploy a new VPS instance

With such an intuitive interface it is so easy to deploy a new VPS instance or manage the existing virtual machines.

Create a VPS instance

In just a few steps you can launch a VPS instance, choose the server location, and the plan you prefer.

Select your OS

Choose the Operating System you want and make sure the VPS plan matches your project needs.

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Manage your VPC network

Access advanced management options to tweak your VPC network settings and configure your cloud resources.

Create a VPC Network

Set up a Virtual Private Cloud and assign additional resources to facilitate network communication.

Increase scalability

Deliver a smooth experience for high-loads by deploying load balancers to route traffic.

Knowledge Base

Get your inquiries solved through our support resources.


An overview of the key features and benefits of the control panel.


  • Introduction to the control panel
  • Easy access to VPS instances
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible settings and options
  • Advanced networking capabilities
  • Expert support and guidance
  • Improving performance and scalability

Cloud VPS Instances

Information about managing Cloud VPS instances using the control panel.

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Details about the various settings and options available in the panel.

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Information about the networking capabilities of the dashboard.

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Access user guides, tutorials, and support resources for the control panel.

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Bring Your Business Into The Cloud

Advanced Cloud Infrastructure For Business Needs.

  • Top Performance
  • Intuitive Control Panel
  • Global Infrastructure
  • Reliable Backups